Beaten Game – Medal of Honor: Airborne

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

This is a replay for me.  I originally got this for XBox360 a lifetime ago and added it to my PC a while back when I decided I was going to be both a PC gamer and a graphics whore.  😉  Your typical WW2 game, with the advantage of being able to drop in on your level from the sky via parachute.  If you’re looking for a good war game that’ll take you just under 10 hours to beat, go ahead and give this oldie a shot.


Beaten Game – Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Of the hundreds of games I own, I never follow through with beating them, so I’m going to try to make it a habit of making a post with some of the screenshots I’ve taken after I complete a game.  I take WAY too many screenshots. 😛

Space Marine was not anything challenging in the way of thought.  Very linear, “go do this” kind of game, but it was enjoyable.  It’s becoming a dated game, but it is visually appealing.  The mix between demons and orcs is amusing and the colors used when not in “HD gray” are stunning.  I’d lie if I said there weren’t several points where I needed to walk away from the game to develop a better strategy for a part or boss that I was stuck on.  All-in-all, Steam logged me for 14 hours of game play of which a few hours I know I just had the computer sitting there doing nothing, SO I’m going to say this took me about 10 hours.  I haven’t played Gears of War, but I imagine this would compare to that, but in Space…

Blitz: The League – PS2 – Emulator

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Some days I’m extremely facisnated at how much better old games can look with the help of computers and emulation.  It makes some of my old games feel new again.

Here’s an old football game i used to play on PS2, Blitz: The League.  I’m currently on an NFL strike, so with that, I decided to try this out.  Here are some screenshots from a game to show how lovely it looks. 😀
Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.58.2811353014141632643072_2015-01-15_00001
Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.21.06 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.23.12 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.23.30 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.24.11 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.35.41 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.37.26 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.42.07 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.42.34 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.42.51 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.49.51 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.50.17 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.50.43 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.56.05 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.56.08 Screenshot 2015-01-15 00.56.30 Screenshot 2015-01-15 01.04.51

And, of course I had to make a QB with my name, and Favre’s number. 😉
Screenshot 2015-01-15 01.04.54

Thanks for checking these out!
If you click and of the images above, it will take you to the full resolution image.  If you click any of the circles below, it will enter you into a gallery slideshow which is best for viewing them all in bigger resolution.

Wii Dolphin – Skyward Sword

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Completely forgot about old gen emulators after upgrading my computer last!!  Time for some retro HD fun!
First 30 seconds of the game isn’t a fair comparison as to how amazing it looks on PC.
Top Picture is the Original Resolution, bottom is bumped to 1080 plus graphics enhancements.
1a. Original Title 1b. 1080 Title 2a 2b 3a 3b 4a 4b